About Chapterhouse

Chapterhouse is the retail brand of CMUK, an initiative to support men in understanding and living authentic manhood.

Chapterhouse was established in January 2021, at the height of the pandemic, and the initial two products were the result of local men setting up a side-hustle. The metal-bead rosaries are produced in Liverpool and the beard oil is produced in Walsingham, Norfolk. We would like to continue this theme and offer more products made by men. If you have something exceptional to contribute, please get in touch.

Although the early products – and the brand itself – have a conventual theme, we want to extend the range to encompass a variety of masculine products. The thinking behind selling accessories for men is similar to that of selling sports accessories: we like to buy things that bolster our confidence and our progress in our chosen activity. Buying a manly product won’t make us a man per se, in the way that buying a protein drink won’t make us an athlete, but it helps to direct our intentions towards manliness.

On the topic of progress, we hope you will return many times in the future as we expand our range. If you have any suggestions for additional products, do let us know!

Contact Us

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