Testimony: Andrew McDermott – an Old Soldier and his Walk with Christ

I have had over the years long periods of separation from my wife, and have, in between bouts of fighting cancer, experienced – painful to admit it – a kind of belated midlife crisis, with all the typical desires: to be young and healthy again; to be more active and more popular; to escape the inevitable call of the grave, the one certain thing that waits us all. One other thing that can hit you, as you become a reluctant old man, is a desire for an adventure, a desire to escape the boring, to rage against the new-fangled nonsense of modernity and the bleakness of individualism. Continue reading Testimony: Andrew McDermott – an Old Soldier and his Walk with Christ

Testimony: Ben Wright

I want to be a good spiritual father to my boys. They will look to me for a model to follow. This means being prepared for life. Physically prepared – exercise and diet; mentally prepared – keeping my mind agile; but mainly spiritually prepared. This, like exercise and a good diet, must be ongoing and developing. It is not good enough to be “comfortable” in faith. Continue reading Testimony: Ben Wright

Testimony (and bonus features): Fr Pius Collins

If you want to become a priest to avoid becoming a father, then you shouldn’t become a priest. Being a spiritual father involves many of the same tribulations as being a biological father and, in some sense, fewer consolations. But a priest should have that desire to be a father, quite strongly. It is the first vocation of a man to be a father. Every man must find a way in which to fulfil the vocation of paternity. Continue reading Testimony (and bonus features): Fr Pius Collins